Cardiac Ablation

After an ER visit and a subsequent visit to a cardiologist, I scheduled an EP Study and possible ablation.  

Today was the ablation.  Let’s walk through the day.  

Arrived at the hospital and immediately reported to the lab for a blood draw.  After that I was escorted to the cardiac unit where I donned a hospital gown and slipper socks.  Had vitals taken, an EKG, then met with the anesthesiologist and then the EP. 

After a brief wait, I was wheeled into the cath lab by a guy nicknamed “Teddy”

I was scooted over to the table and a flurry of activity was all around.  I didn’t  have my glasses, so it was a blurry flurry.  

\I was expecting twilight sedation where they can adjust how deep asleep you are.  I woke up 3 hours later in recovery to lay flat for 4 hours

Turns out I had to have general anesthesia because once I was in twilight I was gasping for air.  They put me all the way under and ablated the SVT area and couldn’t trigger another arrhythmia.  Good.

The laying flat part was the least comfortable part.  I hurt my back about a month ago so laying there was uncomfortable.  Thankfully they gave me something in my IV to make me comfortable.  That really helped.  They had to give it to me twice.

I found myself counting the minutes because I had to pee a lot.  

What I found out later in the day was that when they initially triggered SVT, they also saw a-fib and a little atrial flutter.  That combined with the gasping for air means I likely have sleep apnea.  So it was a good thing to have this done sooner than later so now I have a better picture of these other conditions I may still have.  

I am spending the night in the hospital just as a precaution since I live quite a ways away from the hospital.  I have had the nurses inspect my catheter insertion sites many times to ensure they are all still good.  I’ve been walking around and taking it easy.   

No pain, no discomfort besides having an IV.  

Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  No question!

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