Web + Log= Weog?

I started blogging back before the term “blog” was a thing yet.  I blogged for me because I thought it was interesting and I had something to say…..or at least I thought I did.  At the time I had 2 small children and my wife and I were busy doing “grown-up stuff” like paying bills, looking at mortgage rates, planning our family and pretending to use the exercise equipment we owned. 

I’ve written thousands of blog posts on topics like, “why is my shoe wet?” and “where does the cat go all day?”.  Really literary gems. 

Well, now we have three kids and one grandchild and we are busy doing “grown-up stuff” like planning for retirement, helping pay for tuition, and pretending to use the exercise equipment we own.   As the tiny cigarette industry used to say, “we’ve come a long way, Baby”. 

I’ve paused my public blogging for some time because instead I’ve been private blogging in the form of old-fashioned hand-written letters to each of my kids telling them stories and funny thoughts.  And as much as I enjoy that, my kids are increasingly busy and taking to to read my ramblings is only going to lead to them coming to the conclusion sooner than I want that I somehow need to “find a friend.”  I don’t want a friend.  That just seems like overkill.  Like noting my lawn looks a little dry and then deciding to divert the local river to my yard so it can green up.  I’m good thank you. 

Also, the Army Corp of Engineers will likely want to have a say in it, and I really don’t want to upset them again.   I’ll share that story at a later time when my fingers aren’t so tired from all this clickity-clacking of the keyboard. 

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